You're more in control than you think

August 30, 2019

I don’t have time to write this out in neat prose, so I’ll try to be brief.

Hey J,

This note is not meant to make you feel good. This isn’t about feeling inspired, or feeling hopeful. This is about setting perspectives right. It’s all about cold, harsh perspective.

Things may seem upside down for now, the doors of opportunity may appear to be dwindling with each passing day. You’ve left so much behind to pursue a new career path and you hear about the success stories of so many amazing founders and thought-leaders on linkedIn, podcasts, twitter.

That’s great for them. And you have every reason to feel good for them. Success isn’t measured in fixed quantities and there’s plenty to go around for everyone.

But it’s time to turn off the podcasts, the tweets, and ride your own wave to your beach.

Honestly, you don’t really have a goal in mind- you don’t have that ideal company you’d like to work for… or have an answer to the question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” You can barely see a couple of yards ahead, it would be arrogant of you to claim you know where you’ll be tomorrow.

And that's okay

All you know for sure is where you are now. At this moment.

It’s okay to be led, it’s okay to surrender as long your heart is right with yourself and those around you.

Keep these reminders with you always

I thought I’d leave you with some reminders that will add order to the external chaos around you. Remember, this chaos doesn’t come from you- it’s just outside noise. You're more in control than you think:

  1. Don't forget to make your bed
  2. Don't forget to write and publish this blog post
  3. Don't forget it's dad's birthday today
  4. Don't forget to give thanks to others
  5. Don't forget to give thanks to yourself
  6. Don't forget to perfect your craft everyday
  7. Don't forget dad's present
a well deserved birthday
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